January 12, 2011

What to do instead of riding in the winter

Ok. You’re snowed in. Maybe the footing is tempting you to ride – is it worth it or will your horse be like wild deer?

In any case, winter can be tough for those of us who want to ride and don’t have a place to ride. Second best is heading for some web sites that generate your interest and may even teach you something. I just finished looking at videos of George Morris’ clinic – lots to be gained, here, not to mention taking a virtual ride with those jumping the courses.

Also visiting equine web news web sites can be fun. For instance, I learned today that some police horses in New Jersey were “laid off” – but found new jobs in Pennsylvania. We should all be so lucky.

For me, it comes down to exploring the equine world online to get just taste of riding.

January 8, 2011

It’s Snowing

It’s snowing in VT/NH today so naturally I booted up and watched a video of George Morris’ clinic in Florida. I was really nice seeing palm trees – and of course, horses jumping. A virtual ride for me.

I have already set up a computer folder listing all the events in my area, plus schooling opportunities. My plan is to start slow and build towards Fitch’s Corner event in NY. Dream on…

January 8, 2011

Starting a New Year

So I had this idea about having an eventing blog. What was I thinking? Eventing blogs are everywhere, not to mention EN and COTH as places where comments rise daily.

This blog is for the eventer who may be over 30, may have re-entered the horse world after leaving for ?, and wants to hear how others are dealing with eventing. You know, you go to an event and suddenly, everyone looks under 15 and has a horse that looks like it cost five figures. There you are with your revived event horse (maybe it was you kid’s) or one you found for a great price/deal. Suddenly, your identity sinks into your boots (which do not have zipper closures).

How do you energize to go in there and ride a winning dressage test, not to mention getting around cc (are you out of breath walking cc?)?

Hint – you event because you love it, your horse and will indeed be able to focus…how do you handle eventing now?

January 7, 2011

Hello world!

A place for eventers over 30 to gather, share survival ideas.